5 Qualities I bring to a Relationship

It appears the blog on ‘5 Qualities I would like in a Boyfriend‘ resonated with a number of people, as it recorded the highest number of hits (so far) in a day on the OutTales site.

In reflecting on the piece, I was conscious that the other side to that coin also needed to be explored. I therefore went back to contributors to the ‘5 Qualities I would like in a Boyfriend’, and this time asked what ‘5 Qualities do you bring to a relationship’. The intention behind this second question was to provide a more rounded picture to the earlier piece – the first question explored what was desired externally, with the new question exploring the internal perspective.


5 Qualities I would like in a Boyfriend

I used to have a picture in my head of what my boyfriend would look like, what he would do for a living, how he would dress and where he would live. And yet, each time I met someone, my list would very quickly go out of the window, as I would find myself compromising on every item on the list.

As I got older and more versed in the art of dating, I came to realize that whilst my list might have focussed on issues that did not necessarily make a relationship fulfilling and lasting, it still felt important to have an idea of what I wanted – For ‘if I did not know what I wanted, how would I know when I found it!’ During the time of this realization, my then list evolved from one consisting simply of the external stuff, to qualities that I felt were important to me. More

The theme for October is ‘Relationships’

For the month of October, the theme for the stories to be shared is ‘Relationships’.

When I mentioned to a friend a few weeks ago that the theme for October was going to be ‘Relationships’, he promptly said ‘but that should be a theme for February’.

‘February is all about Love’, I responded. ‘October is different, Autumn is knocking on the door and we know deep down that long cold nights are around the corner. ‘And what’s perfect for those long cold nights’, I asked? – apart from a hot water bottle! – ‘Someone to hold tight, through the night. Not someone flighty, who will not be there in the morning. Someone, you would like to know and someone who would like to know you – the real you. Spring is all about Love and the possibility of it, Summer about flings and Romance, Autumn about Relationship and passion, with Winter all about Commitment!’. More

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