The theme for October is ‘Relationships’

For the month of October, the theme for the stories to be shared is ‘Relationships’.

When I mentioned to a friend a few weeks ago that the theme for October was going to be ‘Relationships’, he promptly said ‘but that should be a theme for February’.

‘February is all about Love’, I responded. ‘October is different, Autumn is knocking on the door and we know deep down that long cold nights are around the corner. ‘And what’s perfect for those long cold nights’, I asked? – apart from a hot water bottle! – ‘Someone to hold tight, through the night. Not someone flighty, who will not be there in the morning. Someone, you would like to know and someone who would like to know you – the real you. Spring is all about Love and the possibility of it, Summer about flings and Romance, Autumn about Relationship and passion, with Winter all about Commitment!’.

I’d always found myself thinking about relationships in Autumn. Yes, it is truly amazing and liberating, hibernating alone during those long cold Autumn nights – and through each of the other seasons, I have done plenty of that. Yet, relationships is something that we all think or talk about at some point or another in our lives.

Our stories range from being scorned by a relationship and vowing never to be that open again, going back to an old relationship even though deep in our heart we know nothing has changed, to catching ourself smile during the day as we remember a moment shared with our beloved the night before. Those stories are indeed plentiful, and this month we want to hear about them.

All stories on relationships are welcome. What do you know for sure about them? What have you learnt along the way? What part do they play in your life? How significant (or not) are they to you as a same gender loving person? Is there one that stands out for you, do share!

As Mark Nepo says ‘Stories help us. They are teachers. They are medicine. They keep us connected to what matters. They keep us awake. This has always been true’.

So, what’s your story? To share it, send your email to

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  1. Manturity
    Oct 01, 2011 @ 16:35:51

    Relationships are critical. Early in my marriage, we had no relationships. We were isolated, unhappy and alone. When we finally started a true relationship with Christ, he opened the door to other relationships. They are critical, they keep us accountable, they keep us unselfish. I look forward to your October theme! ‘Desire’ was my theme last month.


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