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A short documentary following Paul Woodward and myself as we prepared for our two separate one-man storytelling performances in “The Father+Mother Project” – ‘Killing My Mother’ and ‘Fathers & Feathers.’

This film was produced, directed and edited by Francois Lubbe (



Nigerian LGBTIs in Diaspora urge President Goodluck Jonathan not to sign this homophobic bill into law.

Nigerian LGBTI in Diaspora Against Anti Same Sex Laws

Nigerian LGBTI In Diaspora Against Anti-Same Laws. Protest Londo 006Nigeria LGBTIs in Diaspora Against Anti Same-Sex Laws unequivocally condemns the passing of the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition bill by the Nigerian House of Representatives.

The draconian bill was passed in a voice vote on Thursday 30 May, 2013 by members of the House of Representatives. The bill stipulates a 14 years jail term for same-sex marriage and 10 years imprisonment for public show of same-sex affection. The approved bill also stipulates a 10 year imprisonment for anyone who abets a gay person, witnesses a same sex marriage or advocates for LGBT rights.

Nigerian LGBTIs in diaspora against anti same sex laws believes that the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition bill is a blatant violation of human rights of Nigerian gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals. It is a shame that such draconian bill was passed unanimously in both Nigerian Senate and House of Representatives.

Nigerian LGBTIs in diaspora against Anti Same…

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Dreaming of Tomorrow

My Sexuality - Collage

Yesterday I read yet another story
from the land of my ancestors
talking about how ‘gays
were a Western phenomena
and a cultural taboo’.


Summer hiatus from our monthly themes

Between July – September, OutTales will be taking a hiatus from the monthly themes.

There will still be postings on random topics, so I guess all stories are welcomed!

I’m really excited about this Summer, for the Olympics come to London and I will be participating as a volunteer. I have now completed the training, picked up my uniform and will be starting my shifts in the next few weeks; all very exciting! More

Love Me As I Am – gay men reflect on their lives

This time last year, Darren Brady, a fellow coach and group facilitator and myself started running a series of workshops inspired by ‘The Velvet Rage‘. Our collaboration gave birth to ‘The Quest‘ and to date we have had over 60 people attend our workshops.

Later this year, The Quest will be publishing an anthology comprising the stories of gay men reflecting on their lives, and some of the experiences that have shaped the person that they are today.


My Sexuality is a Human Right

In January 2014, the Nigerian president signed a bill carrying a 14-year jail sentence for same-sex marriage.

Under  legislation “same-sex marriage” is defined as including all same-sex relationships, and targets people who “witness”, “aid” or “abet” such relationships. The legislation imposes up to 10 years’ imprisonment and a fine on anyone who “witnesses”, “aids” or “abets” same-sex relationships. The legislation also carries similar sentences for the establishment of gay clubs, and for any activity seen as supporting gay rights.

It’s currently illegal to engage in homosexual activity in Nigeria, so I shudder to think of the emotional impact of this potential legislation on the people who will be affected by it. I am also amazed that with all the pain and suffering going on in the country (and the world), that the legislators find precious time to spend on such legislation.

OutTales is involved in an awareness raising campaign showcasing musings from members of the LGBTI community; the intention is to highlight that we are no different from the rest of our family or neighbours; that we are human, with human needs, dreams, aspirations, wants and rights – we deserve our seat at the table. The campaign is entitled – ‘My Sexuality is a Human Right’.

Submissions can be a story, poem or reflections, saying something about how you view your sexuality or talking about the qualities that define you and your life or simply shouting out condemnation about the legislation – write whatever inspires you, a paragraph or 2 is fine, or even more! And do weave the title of the campaign into your submission.

All submissions are confidential and the actual names of the authors will not feature in the piece, unless specifically requested. If you feel called to submit something, send it to me at –

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