I love you, but……….

Being Gay – Same Gender Loving –
goes beyond  ‘lifestyle’,  ‘preference’,
‘orientation’, ‘behaviour’
or what I do and do not do with my ‘bits’.
Being Gay is part of my Human Identity.
It is part of my Human Beingness,
It is part of my Human Isness,
It is part of my Human Expression.
It is part of my Humanness. More

To risk or not to risk?

On Friday 9th December 2011, I attended a storytelling night at Mezrab in Amsterdam. A fellow storyteller had mentioned the gathering and as a lover of stories, how could I resist!

As I had never been to the Mezrab before, nor knew the potential size of the crowd, my intention was simply to sit back, listen and enjoy a Friday night-out. On getting to the event, the friend who invited me insisted that l take the floor at some stage during the evening to tell a story; but I was unsure. More

Pride and Pre-juices

I have attended some gay pride events over the years – Atlanta, Amsterdam, Brighton, London, Tel Aviv and Miami. In all of them I saw people of different shapes and sizes, in different colourful costumes. There were some fashion “do’s” and “don’t’s”, some cover girls and some “Please cover-up girls” but it’s all about perception.  One thing I found in common at these events, was that the people were happy!! And they brought smiles to the faces of thousands of onlookers.

It is very difficult to imagine that just over two decades ago, Gay pride events were near sombre occasions. Now it’s a carnival and I thank and respect the pioneering gay activists who made the sacrifice and paved the way for the present situation. Like the moderator said, Pride means a lot of things to different people and to me it means F-U-N. More

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