Being gay in Nigeria

Earlier this week, the Nigerian Same-Sex Marriage bill had its second reading in the House of Representatives. The bill, if passed, will prohibit marriage or civil union entered into between persons of same-sex.

The proposed legislation also imposes up to 10 years’ imprisonment and a fine on anyone who “witnesses”, “aids” or “abets” same-sex relationships. The bill carries similar sentences for the establishment of gay clubs, and for any activity seen as supporting gay rights.  The legislation does feel very much a sham, because not only is it currently illegal to engage in ‘homosexual activity’ in Nigeria, it is also a huge cultural taboo. More

My Sexuality is a Human Right

The removal of fuel subsidy is the latest news gripping the citizens of Nigeria. So for now, that homophobic piece of legislation – The Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Bill – appears to be the last thing on the mind of everyday Nigerians (as it should be!).

Nonetheless, it is important for us as same gender loving people to remain vigilant and not be distracted. We must continue to remind our family, friends, neighbours and the Legislators, that our Sexuality is a Human Right, and we will not be distracted from standing up for our fundamental right.

Fellow blogger, Adaku Utah at  SouLar Bliss, recently shared a prayer ‘in solidarity with fellow queer Nigerian kin…… as a remedy to heal all that has attempted to silence our powerful selves’. With her kind permission, I share the prayer with you: More

My Sexuality is a Human Right

I attended seven weddings in 2011. The people who got married were my friends, and many of us gathered to celebrate their joy at finding a partner for the journey of life.

I watched them take their vows, looking lovingly into each other’s eyes: “to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, forsaking all others till death do us part”. Those are strong words and for each man and woman who took those vows before me, I believe they were telling the truth. More

My Sexuality is a Human Right

Yesterday, I read yet another story from the land of my ancestors about how ‘gays were a Western phenomenon’.

Today, I saw yet another comment on a blog, from a concerned Nigerian saying that ‘gays were an abomination, and should keep their business behind closed doors’.

I have visions of a tomorrow where the stories from the land of my ancestors celebrate the lives of everyone, regardless of them being gay or lesbian.

I have visions of a tomorrow, where parents, uncles, aunties and neighbors stand and speak up against any form of homophobia that is uttered in their presence. More

My Sexuality is a Human Right

On 6 December 2011, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, marked International Human Rights Day with an amazing and inspiring speech in Geneva. In her speech she spoke about how ‘Gay Rights were Human Rights, and Human Rights were Gay Rights’.

Her speech speaks to the heart of the OutTales ‘My Sexuality is a Human Right‘ ongoing campaign; an awareness raising campaign in response to the same-sex prohibition bill currently making its way through parliament in Nigeria.

As Hillary says in her rousing speech, ‘being gay is not a western invention, it is a human reality’. Wake-up Nigeria!

My Sexuality is a Human Right

I did not wake up on a sunny Saturday morning, yawn, stretch and tell myself, ‘I’m tired of being straight, today is a good day to be gay.’

I’ve always been gay. I’ve always been on this less taken path for as long as I can remember. It’s as natural to me, as it is for a dove designed to fly, not swim. As natural to me, as it is for an eagle born to soar, not crawl.

My heart and soul are channeled to this path and without expressing myself, I’m like an eagle caged forever. More

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