My Sexuality is a Human Right

I did not wake up on a sunny Saturday morning, yawn, stretch and tell myself, ‘I’m tired of being straight, today is a good day to be gay.’

I’ve always been gay. I’ve always been on this less taken path for as long as I can remember. It’s as natural to me, as it is for a dove designed to fly, not swim. As natural to me, as it is for an eagle born to soar, not crawl.

My heart and soul are channeled to this path and without expressing myself, I’m like an eagle caged forever.

Me and my boyfriend aren’t different from any other couple. We share t-shirts, talk about football and books (he’s a footballer, I’m a writer), we laugh, we cry, we help our neighbors, we pray, we pay taxes, we love, we love to dey chop akara and drink kunu…

The basic thing is WE ARE HUMAN. If you insist, I’m unnatural because I’m different from what occurs regularly in nature, then it’ll be fair to say I’m as unnatural as an albino, as unnatural as a left handed person, as unnatural as twins (which used to be killed in parts of Nigeria, in the past, due to ignorance). THE ONLY THING THAT IS UNNATURAL IS HATE.

I know I’m a masterpiece, for my creator makes no mistake and creates all men to his glory. My shepherd loves me, no matter who I love.

I believe gay people were created for the world to learn a lesson in love. A lesson that some are failing, for they’ve failed to realize that my right to love, my right to express my feelings, and my sexuality, is a human right.

Copyright © 2011 ANOther Concerned Nigerian

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  1. Paradox
    Dec 05, 2011 @ 06:11:32

    Beautiful and eloquently stated. I loved this.


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