My Sexuality is a Human Right

I have been gay all my life, well as far as I can imagine. I didn’t make myself this way, I have lived my lifestyle in such a way that it doesn’t affect anyone.

Since the anti-gay bill in Nigeria has been introduced, every LGBT person here now lives in fear of being the first victim of the witch-hunt; with the high level of ignorance, we never can vouch for what family members, co-workers, friends & neighbors might do, in fear of the 10-year jail term for abetting a same sex relationship. More

Nigeria We Hail Thee

My sexuality is my ‘absolute’ and fundamental human right. I refer to ‘absolute’ in the sense that my sexuality must be free from restriction, limitation and exception; especially since I am an adult, living in a democratic society, with the right to make choices about whom and how I choose to have sex; and in fact live my life without impinging on other Peoples civil liberties.

My two exceptions in relation to sexual activities between human beings are pedophilia, because a child has to reach an age where they can make informed choices and not be exploited or abused by anyone; and rape because it is fundamentally wrong (in my view) to force another person to have sex by using threats, intimidation, position power, emotional blackmail and or violence.   More

My Sexuality is a Human Right

Running in parallel with our monthly OutTales themes will be the ‘My Sexuality is a Human Right‘ campaign.

I have come to understand that social action takes different forms. Some people are called to be protesters and march the streets. Some people are called to be activists in the background, by engaging in dialogue with friends, family and colleagues. Some people are called to lobby legislators and human rights bodies.

We all have a part to play, some in the background, some at the forefront – even if it is as simple as providing a compassionate ear to a fellow member of the Family, worried about the impact of this homophobic piece of legislation. This is a call to action; we all have a part to play. Sitting on the fence or staying quiet is not an option. Our silence will not save us. More

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