Settling and Compromising

Wanted to share with you a quote a friend recently shared on Facebook, poignant as our theme of the month is ‘relationships.’

“Knowing the difference between settling and compromising. They are NOT the same. When you settle in a relationship you KNOW that your needs are not being met and they probably will not be met in the future by your mate. You know this and you make the conscious choice to stay…most of the time this is due to fear of moving out of what has grown to be comfortable for you.

When you compromise in a relationship you recognize that some of your needs probably won’t be met but some of them will….you cut your losses and are content with the benefit of a MUTUAL agreement. This agreement gives hope to the idea that more of your needs will be met in the future by your mate.”- Sunny Couture Tookes

I have certainly mistaken settling for compromising in the past, with an old mantra of ‘better the devil you know…….’. Yes, there is a fine line between the two; although deep down in our heart, I believe we always know which one we are doing.

Thanks for the quote Stephen!

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