Just a thought: An Ode to My Religion

If Faith is believing in something greater than one’s self; something that calls you to a higher purpose; that explains the mysteries you can never unravel on your own; something you can attach yourself to and in so doing become more than just one person on this lonesome earth, then I have Faith.

If Religion is devotion to this higher purpose and submission to its will; trusting the object of your faith to see you through those tough days when your hands fail you and your mind is cast to the floor, then I have a Religion.

If Fellowship is weaving your heart with others into a giant thread of common faith and unconditional love; resting your worries on the shoulders of brothers who accept them with grace and pass it on as needed; finding comfort in togetherness and healing by helping others get through those lonely nights, then I have a Fellowship.

If Angels are beings of divine grace and strength; almost like you in form, but pure and untainted by the woes of life, then I know some Angels.

And if Prophets are men like me, but ordained by truth to bring this religion to others, then I have followed some Prophets.

If all this be what it is, then art is my religion and self expression is what I worship. Toni, Richard, Pablo, Maya, Chimanamda, the other Tony, Banji, Ade and so many more are my Prophets, my Angels and my Brothers in Fellowship.

Selflessly they have stood by me in trying times, laughed with me on the easy days, rested with me on the weary nights, taught me, nurtured me, scolded me, broke me down, built me up, turned me in, turned me out and led me down this path of life with a gentle light to show the way and enough room to allow me explore the darkness on my own. Without judgment or praise, they have escorted me into being the best me I could have been.

Everything else in my life till this day has either changed, withered, faltered or died. Everything except this art inside, and around me. Is this not what some say of God?

Copyright © 2011 The Ant Farm.

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