Love on the Inside

Love is about noticing joy in the presence of another person”                – Alan Downs, The Velvet Rage

I guess I feel that that definition is fine in as far as it goes, but it does feels a little limiting to me.

What I am more interested in at the moment is the love that doesn’t require the presence of another person, or an animal, that doesn’t need me to be in a particular place or with a particular object. What I am fascinated with, and by, is the love that bubbles up on the inside when I am present to myself, when I am still and quiet and available to it. For it never went anywhere, I am learning. More

The theme for February and March is ‘Passion, Love & Integrity’

For February and March, we have three separate themes. The inspiration for the themes is taken from ‘The Velvet Rage’ – Overcoming the pain of growing up gay in a straight man’s world’ by Alan Downs. In one of the final chapters, ‘The Road to Contentment’, Alan says ‘contentment in life rests firmly in the pursuit of Passion, Love and Integrity’. More

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