A work in progress: Finding my Faith, Religion and Spirituality

I have never been what most people consider religious. I have always, or for a long time considered myself spiritual. And of late, I have been not so much questioning it, but rather looking at how I can stand with ease and grace and still honor that which I call Spiritual or Faith.

I live in a country that is highly religious, and recently even on local television the number of religious programmes and channels have either increased; or it occurs to me like they have. And while I am ‘searching’ there is a certain annoyance of no other options on telly or around for quick reference or observation. Kenya is a religious country there is no doubt about that. AND there is the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of religion at play. Anyone at any time can claim religion, spirituality, or faith as a basis for their standing and current circumstance. More

Proud to be who I am!

If you could live a thousand years as yourself, never having to worry about looking over your shoulder, hiding or being found out, what would that be like for you? If you lived a thousand years always looking over your shoulder, doubting and worrying about what you say, how you say it, trying to remember what you said last time or the next, what would that be like for you?

By the time I finished university in 1997 I was certain of 2 things; that I was definitely coming back home to Kenya to live and that I was gay. I actually knew I was gay much earlier and had redesigned my life to fit into a life I knew for certain would be hard, difficult and secretive. But something was to change when I got home, and I never would have thought home, Kenya, would be where I would make my peace, be myself as a gay man. I always thought it would be in the ‘west’ where I would be comfortable and ‘at home’ and proud of myself. More

My First Time in East Africa

In January 2011, I met a nice guy through a mutual friend, he was from Kenya. I found my interest in Kenya increasing as we gradually became acquainted and he talked about his home town, along with the beauty of his country. During this period, it dawned on me that even though I was from West Africa and had lived there for a number of years, I had never been to any part of East Africa. Over the forthcoming weeks, I got to know my new friend better over Skype and so in March, I started to consider the idea of a visit; besides we were developing an interest in each other, or so I thought! More

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