Queer Awakening

For a decade now, I have been running around the UK, Europe and beyond to join other Queers in creating intimate spiritual events, transcending differences of religion and background to connect to the core spiritual energies that sustain Life.  These are places of soul discovery and celebration – they feel very 21st century, very ‘age of Aquarius’ and very free;  they are places where we as Queers, can think for ourselves – and feel for ourselves, how we are part of nature and the cosmos.  Usually held far from cities, these meetings take place in forests, on mountains, beaches, even in medieval castles.

We celebrate Life and gay liberation, in some ways similarly to what goes on in our city scenes – in others, quite radically different; we attune to the natural cycles of the planet; and we allow the loving nature of queer people to shine through – away from pressures of the commercial world, we find that  emotion and spirit comfortably enter the conversation and uplift us into harmonious, joyous states of being. More

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