Irreligious Homophobia

When Only Seeing Remains

Oh My Foolish Pride!

Now is always a First Time

Beautiful words from a dear friend,

The Hopeless Romantic

Reflections from Ngethe,

I neither consider myself a believer of God, but a spiritual man. All things considered to each his own faith, belief and trust. The first time I seriously considered the possibility of being single for the rest of my life was this month, granted I am a hopeless romantic and believer in anything is possible, but this month for the first time I had the thought it could actually turn out that way. The biggest problem since has not been it sounds like a bleak future, but the trying to find new ground to stand on as a foundation for something that’s possible but not inevitable. This leads to the question above, the other side of the hand is my story unfolding according to my dreams, I would say not right now, in a literary way it occurs like I have writers block with my story. If I look back it looks like it was meant to be another way, an easier way, a more romantic relaxed way with ease and grace, how it occurs today is serenity now serenity now serenity now… awkward, odd and different. Being a storyteller of sorts here is a new chapter am starting, and ending this post with, the first line is; it was a cold and comfortable Sunday, it had rained last night, the ground is still soft, glistening in the light of day, it is noon and still as grey as a light charcoal pebble stone driveway, it is a new day, I can see strips of yellow light where the sun is breaking through the high grey skies, am smiling….

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Sitting around the fire

Wise words from, Ngethe, a member of the OutTales around the Fire community on Facebook.

Its a very traditional thing, no I think, a very human thing to tell stories round the fire. In as many years as I have been reading books/novels I have found that there has been a culture of telling tales by the fire in most places worldwide. Something about heath [heat] and home, fire and the flickering hypnotic shadows cast by the fire as men and women bear their souls, entertain, engage and endear themselves to their community, its not yet June, so will save the ‘first time’ tales for tomorrow and the rest of the month, today I simply acknowledge Ade and Richard for a great start to a new community, a new space where men and women from around the world can once more sit around the ‘fire’ and engage, endear and bear their souls as we commune from wherever we are.

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