The Hopeless Romantic

Reflections from Ngethe,

I neither consider myself a believer of God, but a spiritual man. All things considered to each his own faith, belief and trust. The first time I seriously considered the possibility of being single for the rest of my life was this month, granted I am a hopeless romantic and believer in anything is possible, but this month for the first time I had the thought it could actually turn out that way. The biggest problem since has not been it sounds like a bleak future, but the trying to find new ground to stand on as a foundation for something that’s possible but not inevitable. This leads to the question above, the other side of the hand is my story unfolding according to my dreams, I would say not right now, in a literary way it occurs like I have writers block with my story. If I look back it looks like it was meant to be another way, an easier way, a more romantic relaxed way with ease and grace, how it occurs today is serenity now serenity now serenity now… awkward, odd and different. Being a storyteller of sorts here is a new chapter am starting, and ending this post with, the first line is; it was a cold and comfortable Sunday, it had rained last night, the ground is still soft, glistening in the light of day, it is noon and still as grey as a light charcoal pebble stone driveway, it is a new day, I can see strips of yellow light where the sun is breaking through the high grey skies, am smiling….

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