Nigeria We Hail Thee

My sexuality is my ‘absolute’ and fundamental human right. I refer to ‘absolute’ in the sense that my sexuality must be free from restriction, limitation and exception; especially since I am an adult, living in a democratic society, with the right to make choices about whom and how I choose to have sex; and in fact live my life without impinging on other Peoples civil liberties.

My two exceptions in relation to sexual activities between human beings are pedophilia, because a child has to reach an age where they can make informed choices and not be exploited or abused by anyone; and rape because it is fundamentally wrong (in my view) to force another person to have sex by using threats, intimidation, position power, emotional blackmail and or violence.  

I digressed……….back to my astonishment at the hypocrisy of those governing and directing the laws of Nigeria. Why a diverse and federal nation such as Nigeria would want to focus its energies on criminalising people who practice consenting sex is beyond me!!  To criminalize sex between same-sex consenting adults seems rather bizarre and ridiculous considering that Nigeria has more pressing concerns such as eliminating corruption, providing constant electricity to facilitate accelerated economic development; and more importantly ERRADICATING POVERTY.

Nigeria’s GDP is not falling, it has been a case of economic growth in Nigeria without poverty reduction and yet poverty has been identified as a major obstacle to the realisation of people’s human rights; and one of the most surreptitious forms of violation of human rights.  It is a sad indictment that the general population and more importantly our religious leaders (themselves often hypocrites and corrupt in my opinion) do not feel the need to articulate moral panic and mass hysteria on the corruption and poverty prevalent in Nigeria; and scream loudly for our leaders to focus on these issues as opposed to focussing on consensual relationships and sex between same gender loving adults. They should leave the moral judgments on same gender relationships to GOD almighty!

One could argue that our political leaders and religious leaders energies should be focussed on ‘witch hunting’ corrupt government officials that embezzle and steal the country’s wealth and resources. They seem so complacent about these matters but instead have the time to ‘witch hunt’ two consenting adults because they are having same gender relationships or sex by passing discriminatory and prejudicial laws to criminalize them; and even to criminalize those who happen to know about such relationships – absolutely ridiculous and bizarre.  This is a very sad indictment on our great nation.

This in my opinion is a smoke screen to deflect from things that really matter, such as religious and ethnic tensions, corruption and poverty all which continue to brew and are prevalent in all parts and communities of Nigeria. Religious and ethnic issues often erupt into outbreaks of violence and destruction of the little infrastructure that Nigeria has.

In conclusion, I hope the people of Nigeria and those in leadership and influential positions; especially our religious leaders because we seem to have a fanatical propensity towards religion in Nigeria, galvanise and despite their views on the rights and wrong of same gender sex, ask our  political and governing leaders to focus on the more important issues that need to be addressed; and that directly impact on the general population (people) and economy of Nigeria; as opposed to focusing on people who often are talented and active economic citizens who just happen to have a lifestyle choice which goes against the grain of possibly the majority.

These same gender loving people are informed and consenting adults. Same gender relationships and sex is not a crime and should not become a crime anywhere in the world. Live and let live. Nigeria as a great nation should respect people’s civil liberties. A person’s same gender loving sexuality is an absolute fundamental human right.  Nigeria we hail thee!

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