Summer hiatus from our monthly themes

Between July – September, OutTales will be taking a hiatus from the monthly themes.

There will still be postings on random topics, so I guess all stories are welcomed!

I’m really excited about this Summer, for the Olympics come to London and I will be participating as a volunteer. I have now completed the training, picked up my uniform and will be starting my shifts in the next few weeks; all very exciting!

I don’t consider myself a lover of sport, but there has always been something hypnotic that I have found with the Olympics and the fact that it will be held in the city of my birth felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity! So, I wanted to be part of it and help make it a success. The venue is also walking distance from home, and that helps too!

For now, thanks for checking us out and do continue to visit the blog – and of course, feel free to send in your stories to

PS – And yes, I do know that this summer, London will look or feel nothing like the lovely beach above 🙂

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