Dreaming of Tomorrow

My Sexuality - Collage

Yesterday I read yet another story
from the land of my ancestors
talking about how ‘gays
were a Western phenomena
and a cultural taboo’.

Today, I saw yet another comment
from a concerned Nigerian saying
‘gays were an abomination
and should keep their business
behind closed doors’.

I have a vision of a tomorrow
where the stories
from the land of my ancestors
celebrate the lives of everyone,
regardless of them being gay or lesbian.

I have visions of a tomorrow
where parents, uncles and aunties,
brothers and sisters, stand up
against all forms of homophobia
that is uttered in their presence.

I have a vision of a tomorrow,
where my fellow same gender loving
brothers and sisters will come out
with Pride and let everyone know
that we are no abomination
and certainly not a Western phenomenon.

A tomorrow where we would be welcomed
to sit at the family table with
our husband, wife, partner or lover.
A tomorrow where my sexuality
is simply accepted, the same way
my being left-handed is now accepted.

But it is not yet tomorrow.
And so for now, I will simply compose
my response to yet another
homophobic blog comment
and let it be known that
I am not an abomination,
I am homoloving
and my sexuality is a human right.

OutTales  © 2012

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gaymansprogress
    Dec 24, 2012 @ 22:54:15

    Tomorrow will come. Believe it. (I’ve seen it happen, here in the U.S., in just my lifetime.) Live openly, honestly and without fear–and keep telling your stories. That’ll make it real.


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