Love Letter to my Ugandan and Nigerian LGBTI Brothers and Sisters

My Sexuality - CollageLove and I, repeat again, Love and I.
Love is termed as the greatest of it all,
because any kind of Love is better than all kinds of hatred.

Though we are faced with greater challenge today, but am sure we shall conquer it all.

Though we live in a continent
where hatred is now perpetually the message we hear, by the people around us, in the media, and every corner we turn our ears.

Kill them,
jail them,
lynch them,
they are of Sodom and Gomorrah,
because the Bible they read forbids it
and the Koran condemns it,
so we deserve to die, just because of who we are.

I know it is a very difficult situation for us at the moment,
just because we live in a very ‘holy homophobic’ continent,
but one thing that can make us win is standing together in love,unity and harmony.

I wish I was a magician and I could evoked magic to bring you all out of the jungle, but all I can wish you is Love.

Let us live together in Love.
Let us become each other’s brother keeper,
today is a battle we must fight to secure our future
and claim our rights,
because behind every successful person lies a battle fought.
Let us ignite the love in us.

In solidarity I stand.
In love and unity we shall prevail and make our voices and actions count.

I love you all,
but above all,
let us all love ourselves.

Tagbo Wasiu Oluwafemi (@babylantos)

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  1. aguywithoutboxers
    Feb 24, 2014 @ 04:08:05

    This is awesome and powerful, my blogging buddy! I’m sorry I didn’t get to read it earlier but I’ve been away. I have several gay friends who live in Nigeria and I’ve linked them to this publication. I appreciate you sharing this here. Great job, man! Much love and naked hugs! 🙂


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