Between Two Worlds

The Traveller

I have always journeyed between two worlds,
for that is all I know.
And even though I often long
to simply be in one place and call it home,
that experience feels so alien to me.
And so I continue to travel
– from here to there,
from now to then.

I have journeyed between the land of my birth
and the home of my ancestors.
I have journeyed between being asleep
and being awake.
….. between Remembering and Forgetting.
….. between Joy and Sorrow.

Pleasure and Pain.
Trusting and Betraying.
Pride and Shame.
Repression and Expression.
Togetherness and Aloneness.
Finding and Losing.
Love and Fear.
Past regrets and Future expectations.

I have been called many names during my journeys,
Shaman, Seeker, Wanderer, Pilgrim…..
Confused, Disconnected, Unsatisfied, Frustrated.
And yet I journey on,
taking refuge here and there,
now and then.

OutTales © 2013

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. paulineking2013
    Aug 10, 2013 @ 19:58:43

    Such a powerful depiction of the experience of being human! It touches me deeply.


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