My First Time with another

The year was 1984. Buhari and Idiagbon were in power, they had just launched ‘War against Indiscipline’. The Naira was exchanging for ₦50.00 – $1.00 on the black market. A bag of 50kg rice was about ₦100.00 and the minimum wage was around ₦300.00 a month. It was in Owerri, eastern Nigeria. It was in boarding school.

I was studying for my ‘A’ Levels. It was within a few weeks of starting at the school. It was my first time away from home. I had lived at home while in secondary school in Lagos, but for my ‘A’ Levels, my parents decided I would get a better education in one of the best schools in the country, in the east. They were right, in more ways than one. More

My First Time experience of being with a man

I was born in the UK to parents of Nigerian descent who came to the UK to study. My parents separated, moved to Nigeria in 1975 and left us with relatives in the UK who eventually sent us to live with my dad in Nigeria in August 1977. I came back to the UK finally in December 1989. My first same gender sexual liaison was in 1993. I had in fact been married for 4 years by this time. I got married in December 1989 before finally moving to the UK. I am still happily married despite going on a difficult journey to accept my sexuality. This personal journey has had a negative and in some cases positive impact on a number of people lives, but it was a journey that I needed to go through. More

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