Is Blood really Thicker?

Looking back on my life journey I realise that I have always questioned the meaning of ‘family’ and whether ‘blood is really thicker than water’. This was a phrase that I heard a lot whilst growing up. Deep down I have never really believed the phrase, for life has come to show me that when the storm comes, our family of origin will not necessarily be there to hold us in love and let us know that the storm eventually passes.

When I look back at the storms that have crossed my path, I have found that it is mostly those to whom I have had no blood ties that have been there to comfort me through the dark nights. It is those people who have encouraged me to live an authentic life, rather than remain bound in the shackles of shame and denial. More

The theme for August is ‘Family’

For the month of August, the theme for the stories to be shared is ‘family’.

I remember being invited to a Christmas gathering by an aunt about 14 years ago. As we spoke on the phone I had visions of how the event was going to play out and knew that in order to make it through dinner, I would have to leave my authentic self behind. I had only recently started coming out to people and was not in the mood to keep on the mask I was still in the process of removing. As luck would have it, along with some other friends, I had already planned my own special Christmas family gathering. The idea was to bring together friends who for one reason or another were not spending that day with their family of origin. So, during that conversation with my aunt, I told her that I was spending Christmas with ‘my other family’. ‘But, we ARE your family’ she responded! More

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