Passion – the theme for April

I feel I have been rushing around over the past month or two, and I find myself wondering how come April is already here and that Spring is in full season.

The rushing around has meant that I have not had a chance to share any tales around the fire recently – and I just want to say thanks, to those people who got in touch, for the nudges – and to those who have been checking out the tales in the archive.

In February/March, the theme was ‘Passion, Love & Integrity’, I was hoping to share some tales on the theme of ‘Passion’, but that did not happen. So, for April I am proposing that as the theme.

Passion, described as ‘the repeated experience of joy in doing something’. It is present when we observe that the same activity consistently brings us joy.

So, what story within you about where you have (or not) experienced passion is crying to be shared? All stories are welcome. To share it, send your email to

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