The theme for June is ‘First Time’

The theme for the stories to be shared in June will be ‘First Time’. There is something significant about the ‘first-time’ we do or experience something that always stays with us. The memory of that time might bring back feelings of joy, pain, laughter, shame, gratitude, disappointment or a range of so many other emotions. This chosen theme is also in recognition of the launch of OutTales around the Fire – certainly my first time of embarking on such an adventure.

Every experience we have had or action we have taken, all started with a first time – first kiss, first date, first job interview, first day at work, first time in a gay bar, first relationship heartbreak, first driving test, first time living alone – the list is indeed endless.

So over the month of June, visit to read the stories of other fellow travelers and hear about their first-time. And if you are inspired to share your story, we are here, gathered around the fire waiting to hear your tale. You can send your stories to

In writing your story, here are some tips to observe:

  • Tell a story you were in, not one you heard.
  • Have clear opening and closing lines.
  • Let the emphasis be on what happened, rather than what you were thinking.
  • Notice what might be inessential to the plot and best leave that out.
  • Be aware of any emotions that were going on for you during the event itself and feel free to bring to the story.
  • Notice what fresh insights come to mind as you tell the story this time and do feel free to include in your piece.

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