Life Lessons

Feels just like yesterday that 2012 began; and how it has flown so fast.

I was going through an old journal earlier today, and came across some musings that I had written over 10 years ago. A relationship had just come to an end, my wounds were still raw. It felt like Life was not unfolding in the many ways that I had anticipated in my imagination. I sought solace in my journal.

As I walked down memory lane earlier today, I felt very different from my younger self who had shared his thoughts on those pages. And at the same time, I felt no different from that younger me.

Time….. guess it does fly by in the twinkle of an eye. I share below one of the musings that I wrote back then [one of the less shaming ones :-)]…… and further below, a picture capturing that whole essence of Now and Then…. More

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