The theme for November is ‘Holding On and Letting Go’

For the month of November, the theme for the stories to be shared is ‘Holding On and Letting Go’.

I am always amazed by this time of year, the blissful way in which trees let go of their clothing; with such grace and ease. I had never perceived trees to be one for clinging onto the present, for their leaves seem to simply fall to the ground without drama or fanfare. However, this year I noticed something different. It’s now November and many of the trees in my neighbourhood still have most of their leaves. I remember in years gone by, that would not be the case. Come November, it would feel like we were in the midst of Winter, with hardly any leaves in sight. Today, that feels very different. The leaves appear to be clinging to their home, not wanting to let go of what is.

Perhaps its all in my imagination and it’s simply me, projecting onto mother nature my own fears and insecurities around letting go.


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