We are One in Adodi, We are One in Brotherhood!

I first joined Adodi in 2008, after being encouraged by a brother I met online from DC CHARLES NELSON. He encouraged me to apply for the Scholarship, where 50% of the fees are paid for by Brothers who can afford to pay. He said that if I did and was successful, he would pay the other half, I would only have to pay the flight etc.

I looked into Adodi, thought I would give it a try, and posted off my application; which after Charles’ help was successful – and he kept his word. He held my hand throughout the time, up until the retreat in Ohio in July 2008. We spent time together before & after the retreat, sharing hotels and food etc. It was the first time IN my life that I had witnessed and experienced something so generous and unconditional; on the retreat I met another 90 or so Brothers, who all thought the same. The experience was life-changing, to say the least. I decided there and then to commit to Adodi for the rest of my life and attend the annual retreats, and chant to that effect – being a Buddhist.

Five years have now passed and each year is better than the last and the Brothers keep on giving – sharing – caring and ‘ Breakin bread together. There was no bitchiness, no puttin down, only caring, sharing, loving, greeting positive fellowship and warmth all the time. The retreats daily morning affirmations uplifted us all, gave us sustenance for the days workshops ahead and made me feel stronger in myself.

The Adodi ‘afterglow’, as they call it, stayed with me for some 6 months, sometimes more, and allowed me to feel my full and real potential as a SGL black man. I have been honestayed – picked up and taken to airports, always selflessly, tirelessly, with no complaints, but joy in service and effort – Adodi gives 150 % each time!

I am now trying to bring some of that love and Adodi spirit to London and potentially Europe, where the love and caring of Black men needs a lot of work and attention. More so now, with the recent riots in London and the lack of purpose of young people, plus lack of nurturing and attention to their needs. Adodi for me, is THE most loving group of SGL black men on the Planet right now. The talent sharing is something to behold, plus the Tribute to the Ancestors and the emphasis on African traditions and values. Each and every brother I have met has something positive and unique about them and shares it in their own unique and special way.

I love Adodi, like my life now, and repayed the debt of gratitude I received in my first days as a young Adodi virgin. As such, I helped a brother in a similar situation attend this years’ 25th Annual Retreat. Thank you Charles, for your trust in me, your patience, your caring and your heart. Thanks to you all, who are so blessed and so wonderful. I absolutely adore and LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Ado Stephen (2011)

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  1. irvin
    Sep 13, 2011 @ 03:33:38

    Its great to know there are organizations like this where people support one another the way you describe. I wonder how much hooking up happens at the retreat (wink wink).. just kidding.

    Now I’m hearing about this organization for the first time. When I saw the title of this piece i thought it was some kind of ironic play on the derogatory Yoruba reference to homosexuals. From the website I see now that it is of Yoruba origin but I am not aware of the meaning explained there in. Adodi simply means “Someone who has anal sex” to put it mildly. It will be interesting to see how it plays out if this movement finally comes to Nigeria.


  2. Stephen Brown
    Sep 13, 2011 @ 08:33:38

    the Adodi Brotherhood founded now 25 yrs years ago by a visionary called Clifford Rawlings … he knew the origins of the word but decoded to reclaim the positive aspects of the word Adodi in the same vein as Gay has negative and positive connotations as do lots of words
    Its not a dating or a sex hook up kind of brotherhood although brothers have been known to meet and evetually form loving partnerships a few fall by the wayside but many go on to have long term unions
    there are many brothers of AFRICAN origin within the brotherhood including nigerians myself being half nigerian and we hold a regular workshop on the use of the word Adodi and its origin , original meaning etc
    we reclaim this word in a pure spirit and the intention of making it something positive too


  3. Stephen A Brown (@StephenABrown2)
    Sep 13, 2011 @ 08:34:31


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