Pride – an affirmation of same gender love and sexual identity

I believe that Gay Pride Celebrations are still relevant today and will not be an out-dated concept until there is true equality and one’s sexual preference and identity does not matter; and one’s sexual identity becomes irrelevant to how people with their various lenses view one another. In my opinion, this will not occur sometime soon.

Gay Pride Celebrations mean different things to different people. Perhaps for those out of the closet (openly gay), it is an affirmation of same gender love and sexual identity; and a time to hold one’s head up high and with pride. A time to openly tell the world, this is who I am and I proud to be exactly the way I am – same gender loving – GAY. I am using the word ‘GAY’ to also mean lesbian, bisexual, and transsexual. Gay Pride Celebrations obviously plays an important on-going highlight and affirmation in some people’s lives and enables them to truly express who they are – a carnival of open festivities for the world to see, literally. More

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